Welcome to Kreative Labs

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who we are

Kreative Labs is a boutique printing firm specializing in highly customized printing and cutting solutions for corporate and personal requirements. Our capabilities include printing on rigid materials such as wood, acrylic and metal.

Our printing and cutting technologies enable large format printing and cutting capabilities. Transform your ideas into tangible products by communicating with us your thoughts and plans.

Personalise your client's or your logos on high end teak wood, or even rustic plywood. Stand out from the crowd by creating a signage or corporate gift that represents your branding. Design your showroom or apartment with artist replicas, or personalise your event booths with branded furniture and displays.

Our Feature Services

Kreative Labs focuses on the customer experience by personalising the customer's requirements. We are able to do this without the need for a minimum quantity.

  • Print superior quality images on almost any medium
  • Print decorative textures and special effects
  • Customise and personalise with no minimum quantity order requirements

Why Choose Us?

Anything that is flat basically. We commonly print on wood, metal, acrylic, leather, and all sorts of rigid boards. Our clients come from various industries and all walks of life, so when our creative juices flow, ideas don’t stop coming. We have even printed on the most unimaginable substrates such as fire hoses, crocodile skins and marble.
As a one stop solutions provider, we fulfil our clients’ requirements from start to end. This would include everything from conceptualisation to design and product mock-ups, down to production, finishing and installation.
Apart from creative advertising and marketing agencies, we also work directly with companies to produce customised items creatively branded for their campaigns and events. As a production facility, we endeavour to meet your requirements with a fast turnaround time.
We adhere to clients who have their requirements and stringent brand guidelines, and for those who allow a free play, we incorporate our expertise and creative design elements into the products.
As our machines have unique capabilities such as raised textured prints and effects such as matt and gloss varnish, design houses enjoy working with us to push boundaries and constantly enhance the experience of the end-customers.